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When we say ‘to share’ we mean this purely as a suggestion! Think you can wolf down a sharer plate yourself? Go right ahead! From chilli nachos to pimped out garlic bread, our sharer plates are perfect to snack on while you’re watching the game.



They might not be pretty or sophisticated but we can all agree nothing quite satisfies your hunger like a good burger and ours are the epitome of indulgence!


Whether you’re a straight Margarita fiend or you consider yourself something of a gastronomic adventurer we’ve got you covered with a selection of toppings ranging from Italian classics to whacky inventions of our own.

all day breakfast

Have you heard? We're now serving breakfast ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!


Your favourite meal of the day will now be available in Spy Bar

from 12 - 5pm at just £4.95!

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